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High Point
North Carolina




All prints are signed and numbered limited edition prints.  All prints come with a 3-day satisfaction return policy.  Click HERE to see our return policy.  Click on "Photos" in order to launch another window and see a photo of the print.  All prints are unframed unless otherwise noted.

Harry Jarman Inventory
If it is on our site, then we currently have it in stock!  We only sell what we stock!  Orders usually shipped same day!
(contact us for shipping rates to Alaska an Hawaii)

Release Date Name of Print Number/
Edition  Size

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Photos Bear Basket
#764/1000 25.00

Photos Bear Chested
#764/1200 35.00

Photos Buddies
(Teddy Bears)
#763/1700 14.00

Photos Early Snow
#767/1000 75.00

Photos Early Spring
#540/750 55.00

Photos Fall Morning
#540/750 55.00

Photos Home Grown
#763/1000 25.00

Photos Lace Reflections
#769/1350 65.00

Photos Old Favorites
#1124/2500 75.00

Photos Passing Moment
(Snow Scene)
#767/1250 95.00

Photos Shades of Grey
(Civil War)
#537/550 92.00

Photos Summer's Song
(Ocean Scene)

Photos Sunday Grace
#767/1250 65.00

Photos The Road Home
(Pilot Mountain)

Photos Trish Chain


All Orders Shipped FedEx within 24 hours!

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