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High Point
North Carolina





We Buy Prints!  

Email us a list of your Bob Timberlake, Dempsey Essick, or Phillip Philbeck or other NC artist prints and be sure to include:   asking prices, condition, framed/uframed, and whether or not they include their original folder or certificates of authenticity.  We do not give quotes over the phone.  Please use email and include your contact information.

We are currently buying selected Bob Timberlake, Dempsey Essick, and Phillip Philbeck prints

Always looking to buy Bob Timberlake and Dempsey Essick remarques

Looking for Something in Particular?

Having problems finding what you want? Contact us and if we don't have it we'll try to find it for you by contacting our network of dealers, collectors, and galleries.


All Orders Shipped FedEx within 24 hours!

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Balance Toys

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